Frequently asked questions


How may I address you?

You may call Me Mistress, Goddess, Maitresse. Tu vas me vouvoyez. Je suis bilingue en français et anglais.

How do you clean your tools?

I am well educated in cross-contamination and safe play procedures. All tools are sanitized with Biotext medical grade sanitizer, boiling water, alcohol and soap and water. Barriers are used when appropriate.

What are your limits?

I do not engage in illegal play, I do not perform sexual services. Haggling on tribute will get you a place on my blacklist. I do not engage in permanent acts that cause serious bodily harm. No topping from the bottom is permitted. Sending too many emails, texts, begging, or other insulting or disrespectful behaviour will blacklist you.

What is your policy regarding cancellations and no-shows?

All rendez-vous must leave a deposit, no exceptions. No-shows and same day cancellations are blacklisted. My time is very valuable. To disrespect it is to disrespect me.